The Adventure

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Right Now:

  • Moonrise Mountain (Edited) Temple of Night and Wind (Edited) The Tournament (At Editor’s)
  • Illustrations: Moonrise Mountain (First 9 Rough Concept) Temple of Night and Wind (Pending) The Tournament (First 9 Rough Concept)

Tentative Kickstarter Date: August 15th-September 15th

Tentative Launch Date: September 30, 2017

  • Illustrators: Joseph Apolinar and Justin Allen. (Can’t wait to share some of their work! It’s amazing.)

Front Cover

  • To be revealed soon…

Back Cover

  • In process…expect to be finished wordage wise within the week (May 16th)

Book Trailer

  • Outline/rough concept…whatever you call it. (In process)

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  • What else are you curious about? I’d love to share. This is a learning process for me as well and I’m finding out, rather quickly, why it takes so long to produce a book. It’s CRAZY! (and fun =))