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Right Now:

Kickstarter was successful! It ended Oct. 30th at 109% funded.

Kickstarter launched Thursday September 28th! It’s 101% funded as of 10/22/17! Click here to check it out =)

Updated Proof ordered and shipped: 11/8/17

Proof has arrived! 10/5/17

Proof of Book Ordered 9/12/17

  • Editing:

    • Moonrise Mountain (5/16/17 Edited)
    • Temple of Night and Wind (5/16/17 Edited)
    • The Tournament (5/16/17 At Editor’s 6/15/17 Edited)
  • Illustrations:

    • (Illustrators: Joseph Apolinar and Justin Allen. Can’t wait to share some of their work! It’s amazing.)Figure Under Porch Sketch from The Adventure Book
      • Moonrise Mountain by Joseph Apolinar:
        • 5/16/17 First 9 Rough Concept
        • 7/6/17 First 9 Complete and 2nd 9 Rough Concept
        • 8/18- All Sketches Complete!
      • Temple of Night and Wind by Justin Allen
        • 5/16/17 Pending  
        • 7/6/17 First 9 Complete and 2nd 9 Rough Concept
        • 8/18-All Sketches Complete!)
      • The Tournament by Joseph Apolinar
        • 6/15/17 First 9 Rough Concept
        • 8/18/17 First 4 Sketches Complete
        • 8/26/17 All Sketches Complete!

Howling Maw Sketch from The Adventure BookKickstarter Date: August 15th-September 15th  September 28th-October 30th

Tentative Amazon Launch Date: September 30th 2017 November 30th

Front Cover

  • Done…obviously =)

Back Cover

  • In process…expect to be finished wordage wise within the week (May 16th)
  • 8/26- Finished! To be revealed 9/21/17
  • Check below for full cover image =)

Book Trailer

  • Outline/rough concept…whatever you call it. (5/16/17 In process)
  • Images 2/3rds done 7/6/17
  • Music choice in process 7/6/17…if the music I’m hoping for works out, I’m super excited to share it with you. Music licensing details are a bit crazy! 8/18/17 Music figured!
  • Finished! (After 8 or 9 revisions and lots of time on the phone with Lucynda Sebring, who produced it =) 9/15/17

Posts About The Adventure


With everything The Adventure related, I’m adding two hashtags, #FeedImagination and #DreamsAndAdventures. I’m doing this because, one, this is the adventure to make a lifelong dream of mine come true and, two, I believe strongly that imagination is important and storytelling is one vital way to feed the imagination.

I’m not the only one out there who has adventures. These two hashtags are to share our adventures and our dreams. What adventures have you had this week? What dream have you pursued? Please share them (via twitter, instagram, Facebook) and let’s encourage each other to pursue our dreams!


  • What else are you curious about? I’d love to share. This is a learning process for me as well and I’m finding out, rather quickly, why it takes so long to produce a book. It’s CRAZY! (and fun =))


The Adventure Book by Jennifer M Zeiger


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