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The Adventure's a fun, fiction book. Why create a curriculum for it?

Way back when I ran The Adventure on Kickstarter to fund the book's publication, a friend suggested it would be great for teachers. I fell in love with the idea. The older Choose Your Own Adventure books helped me to read as a child, why not pass that on to others?

The Process

So after publishing The Adventure, I began designing a Literacy and Creative Writing Curriculum using the Common Core Standards as my baseline. I've helped in teaching my nieces and nephew creative writing and this helped me to start, but I soon realized I needed more input than Google and my own experience could provide. (Google definitely doesn't know everything and often can give opposing standards on the same subject.) 

God is good, and it just so happens that my good friend Kaydee has years of teaching under her belt. Plus, she has her Masters in Literacy. When I reached out to her, she began to spout all sorts of terms I only vaguely recognized. Her excitement fueled my own drive to create this curriculum. We have now completed The Adventure Literacy and Creative Writing Workshop for 4th-5th grade! 

The Details

The Adventure Literacy and Creative Writing Workshop includes everything from comprehension exercises and vocabulary worksheets, to exercises in metaphors, alliteration, similes, to having students write their own adventure stories. 

With Kaydee's help, there is also a section in the curriculum that covers different ways to teach this. Kaydee covers Literacy Circles, Differentiation, different Tiers for teachers to use depending on their student's reading proficiency and more. 

Where to Find It?

If you'd like a sample of the curriculum, you can find the Storyboard and Comprehension Questions for Moonrise Mountain, the first story in The Adventure, for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers here

The full Adventure Literacy and Creative Writing Workshop (FREE)

The Adventure can be found on Amazon

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