Guest Post: The Tablet by Kat from The Lily Cafe

Kat's The Lily Cafe

Hello dear readers! Today I'm doing something I haven't done in awhile. I have a guest post to share with your from Kat with The Lily Cafe. Kat is incredibly supportive of authors and I love that I can encourage her in her own writing as well. So without further ado, here's The Tablet. The… Continue reading Guest Post: The Tablet by Kat from The Lily Cafe

Oasis Disturbance

Oasis Disturbance - Moon

Our last adventure had a rather chilly river involved. Let's warm up in the desert for this next adventure =) Oasis Disturbance It’s dry as only a desert can be. Each breath creates a dull ache in the back of your sinuses like the flow of air is actively pulling moisture out of your body.… Continue reading Oasis Disturbance

Crystal Pit of Time

Crystal Pit of Time

It's well past time (pun intended =)) for a new adventure. Let's jump in! Crystal Pit of Time The golden hands of the clock spin without purpose, around and around and around the sparkling face of golden numbers. You struggle not to stare at it above the King’s head as he rants about the crime… Continue reading Crystal Pit of Time

Smuggling Hertzmer

Welcome back for a brand new adventure =) Smuggling Hertzmer Frost layers the bushes and trees and even the long bladed grass in the meadow with a coating of thick white crystals. No breath of wind touches those layered plants and the soft scampering of a squirrel can be heard in the near silence. To… Continue reading Smuggling Hertzmer

The Eye Published!

Z Publishing Science Fiction and Fantasy Colorado

Traditional publishing takes for-ev-er! Those novels you so love from popular authors can take up to two years to produce even if the author writes the book in six months. Because of this, my brain has come to expect long wait times. If I've submitted a story, I move on to my next piece while… Continue reading The Eye Published!

One Story at a Time

Z Publishing House - Colorado's 2018 Emerging Writers

I must confess, I’ve not been good about submitting my short stories for publication lately. There’s a catch-22 usually with publishing. You have to be published to get published. It’s frustrating but really all this means is, like in most any job, you start at the bottom and work your way up. Not everyone succeeds… Continue reading One Story at a Time

Tails of PaTail

Welcome to a brand new adventure. =) Tails of PaTail The air smells of raspberries and peaches, cinnamon and nutmeg and, beneath the sweet spice of the jam vendor’s stall, there’s the scent of rain on cobblestone. This early in the morning few people actually wander the market and the few who do are quiet,… Continue reading Tails of PaTail

Heart of Ice and Fire Part 4 of 4


Welcome back for the last part in the Heart of Ice and Fire story! If you missed the first three posts, you can find them here and here and here. Or, here's the quick recap. Recap: Em traveled to snow troll territory to find a man named Jimmy Wilkes. She presented him with a green debt gem… Continue reading Heart of Ice and Fire Part 4 of 4