The Dresser and the Color – A Mystery of the Golden Shells Story

Boots - Adventure Story

Last week I posted the first short story in this collection. These are fun little peeks into the background of Mystery of the Golden Shells, which comes out on August 15th. If you missed the first story, you can find it here: The Scribe and the Rug. Otherwise, here's the next suspect. The Dresser and… Continue reading The Dresser and the Color – A Mystery of the Golden Shells Story

Z Publishing

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Very, very, and I mean very rarely will a publication seek out writers for their book or magazine. Most of the time, a writer must submit to a publication and hope their writing is accepted. As any writer knows, this is a trial in patience and waiting. So when I received an email from Z… Continue reading Z Publishing

Owl Shaped


Welcome to a new adventure! Let's not waste any time. Let's jump right in =) Owl Shaped The room's temperature sits well above comfortable, like every student is sweating their anxiety into the air. The usual chatter is nonexistent. Do this one task well and the rest of your magicks class will be a breeze because… Continue reading Owl Shaped

Toad Attack

I've received a request from a lovely young lady for a story about fairies. What a great idea! And I thought to make the story more whimsical, or maybe just goofy, than usual. Which brought to mind a snippet of a story a fiend helped me start years ago that I never finished. So this story… Continue reading Toad Attack

Chance Encounters

Ah, a new week, which means, all sorts of adventures may happen in the coming days=) Welcome to Adventure Awaits You and a whole new story. Read on and choose at the end how you'd like to proceed but choose carefully, for the world's never quite what it seems. Chance Encounters It’s been far too long… Continue reading Chance Encounters