Fixing Genius 2

Of all the adventures I've written so far, this was one of the most fun to write. I just had to rerun it to see how readers would choose for a second time. Welcome to the adventure. I hope you enjoy=) Fixing Genius The walkway is stone, multicolored but still dull due to the overcast sky. The… Continue reading Fixing Genius 2

Fixing Genius

Welcome to Monday! Some stories are just fun to write. Some are challenging. This one was both. I'm not a science person but this one flowed and I had to catch up my gaps of knowledge as I went. If anyone has a critique, I'd love the feedback. Otherwise, welcome to a new adventure and… Continue reading Fixing Genius

Alosian Oasis (Complete Story)

This last week we adventured to the Alosian Oasis in the Choose Your Own Adventure style. However, I realized if someone wanted to read the whole adventure, they'd have to bounce around the blog and decipher my code. So I decided to make life easier for anyone who either missed the adventure or wanted to… Continue reading Alosian Oasis (Complete Story)

Alosian Oasis Part 5 (Bb2.2)

Welcome to Wednesday=) If you're just stopping by, click to the left on Alosian Oasis, Then option B, then Bb, the Bb2, and then come back here for the end to the adventure. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by and enjoy. Alosian Oasis Option Bb2.2 Seek Another Way Sweat trickles down between your shoulder blades. Cutting… Continue reading Alosian Oasis Part 5 (Bb2.2)

Alosian Oasis Part 4 (Bb2)

Welcome to the Alosian Oasis Adventure. If you're just checking in, click on the left under recent posts on Alosian Oasis, then option B, the Bb, and then return here. This is the last section in which you get to vote. Wednesday you'll find out whether you succeed, work for a year or maybe even… Continue reading Alosian Oasis Part 4 (Bb2)

Alosian Oasis Part 2 (B)

Welcome to Wednesday and the next part of our adventure=) If you're just stopping by, click on the left under recent posts on Alosian Oasis and then return here. Otherwise, welcome and enjoy. Alosian Oasis Option B: Salt Your village buys salt but it's not hard to get in mass quantities. And if you have… Continue reading Alosian Oasis Part 2 (B)

Alosian Oasis Part 1

Welcome to Monday and a new Adventure blog=) After some feed back from a few of my readers, I realized some people might not be getting to participate because of the time constraint on the voting. So I'm fiddling with the structure of these stories. This Adventure will run for two weeks but instead of… Continue reading Alosian Oasis Part 1

Reality Blog Award

Welcome to Friday, Wow, this week has been a huge blessing. Early in the week Joe Warnimont (Writewithwarnimont)  nominated me for the Liebster Blog award. I was blown away...then Inion N. Mathair nominated me for the Reality Blog Award. Over the last few months I've realized how amazing the blog community is. They're supportive without… Continue reading Reality Blog Award