Thank You to Another Wonderful Woman

Today I’d like to introduce a woman who is just as much of a vocabulary nut as myself, perhaps even more so. She posts on her blog Words of the Week and goes into wonderful detail about the use of random, fun words. Meet J.C. Wolfe. J.C.’s also a fabulous writer, and is an aspiring… Continue reading Thank You to Another Wonderful Woman

Thank You Katherine

I know, here I am on a Wednesday when I just said I wouldn't be posting on Wednesdays anymore. Yesterday's post explained that there are several people who have helped me get to where I'm at today. People who've encouraged me over this past year and who, amazingly enough, I've never met beyond this blog.… Continue reading Thank You Katherine

Enjoy Life and Learn

When was the last adventure you experienced? What makes you hesitate to go on another one? For me, I went backpacking with my husband. Quick look into that... The stove makes a hissing sound and then flares to life with a slight whoosh. Sitting with my down booties, my thermals and my down jacket tucked… Continue reading Enjoy Life and Learn