Too Peopley Out There!

The world inside my head is vibrant. It teams with life, conversation, characters…everything you’d expect from someone who enjoys writing as much as I do. The puma, as it were, loves the quiet because what's inside the head is anything but quiet. Thus, 98% of the time, this is me: But there is that 2%… Continue reading Too Peopley Out There!

Rare Creature Sighting

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Within the burrows of my heart hides this tiny creature. It's fuzzy with rounded ears and a small nose, much like a pika. It's about the same size too. This is the creature that jumps for glee at being invited to a friend's event or that scrambles with purpose when hosting a game night. This… Continue reading Rare Creature Sighting

House Sitting

Hope everyone's week has gotten off to a great start! For some entertainment, let's start a new adventure =) (Some adventures are just a blast to write. This was one of those. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!) House Sitting He’s staring at you with golden, unblinking eyes. A deep rumble emanates… Continue reading House Sitting