Grandma’s Punishment

So Midnight Abyss and the amazing group I've gotten to work with continue to challenge me in my writing. We have a tumblr page and for November we decided to write short flash pieces. Short fiction has never been my forte, so flash fiction's an even greater challenge. The odd part about trying to write… Continue reading Grandma’s Punishment

Taking the Next Step

Some of you have already read this because I wrote it as a guest post for Andrew Hines. However, after having published Midnight Abyss and looking in hindsight, I wouldn't change anything about the post and I'd like to encourage you all to reach for your dreams by taking them a step at a time.… Continue reading Taking the Next Step

Interview Swap!

Over the last couple weeks I've shared my excitement over working with others to self publish the short story collection Midnight Abyss. So many people have come along side the other authors and I to help us make this a reality. It's blessed me beyond anything I could have imagined. Today, Inion N. Mathair have… Continue reading Interview Swap!

Halloween Excitement

The ghouls and goblins are out in force today and, working at a candy shop, this makes Halloween all the more fun=) But, to be honest, I've not joined in on the festivities of Halloween for several years. I've not dressed up or given out candy. This year, I'm buying a bag of candy to… Continue reading Halloween Excitement

Meet Raymond Tobaygo (1 day before book launch!)

Yay, this is the last day before Midnight Abyss comes out! By now, you're probably tired of hearing about it=) but bear with me a bit longer so I can introduce Raymond Tobaygo, who's kind of a hero to me because for a good portion of the time we've been working on the book, Ray's… Continue reading Meet Raymond Tobaygo (1 day before book launch!)

Meet Gregory K. Shipman (2 days before book launch)

For this, 2 days before Midnight Abyss arrives, I’d like to introduce Gregory K. Shipman. Now Greg's writing has a voice to it that I absolutely love. Probably because I couldn't duplicate it even if I tried=) Here's Greg: A native East Baltimorean but now a Fairbanks, Alaska resident, Gregory K. Shipman has a day… Continue reading Meet Gregory K. Shipman (2 days before book launch)

Meet Matthew X. Gomez (3 days before book launch)

Welcome to Monday. Today, 3 days before Midnight Abyss, I'd like to introduce to you Matthew X. Gomez. Matthew tends to write fantasy like I do but, in my opinion, is much better at his fight scenes. Maybe because he knows how to fence. Who knows. So here's Matthew: Matthew was born and raised in… Continue reading Meet Matthew X. Gomez (3 days before book launch)

Oops, My Count’s Off…(4 days before book launch)

So, when I started this countdown, my intention was to introduce the other authors of Midnight Abyss. I simply ran with the thought that there are nine didn't even cross my mind that the nine included myself. So on this beautiful Sunday, I'll put myself in here to keep the count right but I'll… Continue reading Oops, My Count’s Off…(4 days before book launch)