The Trap in Dreaming

Achieving dreams, pursuing dreams, realizing dreams. These sound so much nicer than achieving goals, pursuing goals, realizing goals. The former sound beautiful, exciting and empowering. The latter sound like we're sitting in a business meeting, working. When I post about The Adventure, it usually involves something about my 'life dream coming true,' and I use… Continue reading The Trap in Dreaming

Internal Dialogue, The Ugly Monster

Don't want to leave the warmth of the sheets. What cloths should I wear? Comfy? Beautiful? Confident? Not going anywhere today. So Comfy/Beautiful. Breakfast? Chocolate's not a good breakfast. Wait 'til after 10am, then chocolate. Tide me over? Ok, cereal. Aw, yuck! My hair dried frizzy. Put on a hat. No, try a pony tail.… Continue reading Internal Dialogue, The Ugly Monster