Twigs and the Giant

Welcome to the New Year! We're going to do something that we've not done in a while, we're going to go on an Adventure! So without further ado, let's see where we start. Twigs and the GiantIt’s impolite to show up unannounced right before dinner…which is why you did it on purpose to the old… Continue reading Twigs and the Giant

Word Magic Option B: Titan Toes

Titan Toes Book - Word Magic

Welcome back for the second part of the Word Magic adventure. If you missed last week, you can read the beginning of this adventure here. Or, here's a quick recap: You're the King's Word Keeper. This means you read every book there is and remember it for the King, but this also means you're mute… Continue reading Word Magic Option B: Titan Toes

Word Magic

Contract - Set Up Adventure and Word Magic Adventure

Hello amazing readers! It was not my intention to take January off along with December, but in hind's sight, I should have known it was going to happen due to continuing editing on Quaking Soul. Regardless, I'm back for a bit with a brand new Adventure for 2020 that I'm super excited to share! Let's… Continue reading Word Magic

Crystal Pit of Time Option A: Pitch the Coin

Clock - Crystal Pit of Time

It's time to see what happens when you pitch the coin clock the king gave you. Let's hope you don't need it later! If you're just checking into this adventure, here's a quick overview of what's happened so far: You were caught steeling bread. The king sentenced you to seven days in the crystal pits… Continue reading Crystal Pit of Time Option A: Pitch the Coin

The Adventure Kickstarter Starts Soon!

(Update: Now that the Kickstarter has launched, you can go here to check it out=) My sister tells me I should do one scary thing a day. This might be my scary thing for the next year! This Thursday, a 30 day Kickstarter starts for The Adventure book. But anything worthwhile is difficult and scary… Continue reading The Adventure Kickstarter Starts Soon!