Mystery of the Golden Shells Kindle Pre-Order

Mystery of the Golden Shells Title Text

This one's been a long time coming! I've been hoping to have the Kindle version of Golden Shells out within a month of the paperback publication...eight months later I finally get it done. Ugh. Such is life sometimes. Anyway, I'm happy to announce that the pre-order for Mystery of the Golden Shells Kindle is now available.… Continue reading Mystery of the Golden Shells Kindle Pre-Order

The Finer Details

I learn something new every single time I put a book together. You'd think I'd reach a point where the process is routine, but so far there's always some little detail that's just waiting to surprise me. As I've said before, I try to share each time I learn something because without others sharing their knowledge,… Continue reading The Finer Details

HA! KDP Figured

Formatting, formatting, formatting... This post deals with the difference between formatting for a physical book in CreateSpace and formatting for the digital copy in KDP. There may be a bit of ranting. You have been warned. You design a book for CreateSpace, picturing the physical copy in your hand. There's a helpful, little option in… Continue reading HA! KDP Figured