Zap Dragon Cover Reveal!

Zap Dragon Front Cover

I'm at that point in the publishing process on Zap Dragon. The writing is done. The editing is done. The illustrations and formatting are finished. The cover's ready. I've uploaded the book and ordered a proof copy...and now I wait. So it's a perfect time to reveal the cover for the book! Most of you… Continue reading Zap Dragon Cover Reveal!

Just Because It’s Exciting

Mystery of the Golden Shells Ship Illustration

I know I've said it before, but publishing isn't a solitary thing. It can't be, especially for me. You see, if I tried to illustrate an adventure book you'd end up getting stick figures and smiley faces. And with so much of the writing process happening inside the writer's head, it can be hard to… Continue reading Just Because It’s Exciting

Mystery of the Golden Shells Cover Reveal!

Mystery of the Golden Shells Cover

Look! Look! I have a cover for¬†Mystery of the¬†Golden Shells! Sorry, didn't mean to shout. I'm just super excited to finally be sharing stuff about the book. There's a moment in book publication where you reach the summit and the rest feels like a downhill slope. That moment for me tends to be when I… Continue reading Mystery of the Golden Shells Cover Reveal!

Quaking Soul Cover Reveal!

Although I'm a writer and a lot happens inside my head, I'm also a very visual person. So there's something special about seeing what's imagined turned into something I can see and touch. This is especially true for the covers of my books. Now, I learned a lot from The Adventure cover. Such as the… Continue reading Quaking Soul Cover Reveal!