Done Right or Done Now, But Not Both

Jake Weidmann Hummingbirds

A while back my sister introduced me to an artist by the name of Jake Weidmann. I believe I’ve mentioned him before due to his TedTalks. Anyway, he’s both a master penman—one of only eleven in the US—and a painter and carver who uses old-world techniques for much of his art. The work he does… Continue reading Done Right or Done Now, But Not Both

Crazy Muscle Memory

Penmanship Practice - Muscle Memory

Our memories, particularly our muscle memories, are the craziest things. Last week I posted about a Jake Weidman tedtalk on penmanship. As a fun exercise, and as something to practice together, my dad and I have started to work on our penmanship. We’ve played around with different pens—fountain pens with their inks, gel pens, regular… Continue reading Crazy Muscle Memory