Mystery of the Golden Shells Cover Reveal!

Mystery of the Golden Shells Cover

Look! Look! I have a cover for¬†Mystery of the¬†Golden Shells! Sorry, didn't mean to shout. I'm just super excited to finally be sharing stuff about the book. There's a moment in book publication where you reach the summit and the rest feels like a downhill slope. That moment for me tends to be when I… Continue reading Mystery of the Golden Shells Cover Reveal!

Quaking Soul Cover Reveal!

Although I'm a writer and a lot happens inside my head, I'm also a very visual person. So there's something special about seeing what's imagined turned into something I can see and touch. This is especially true for the covers of my books. Now, I learned a lot from The Adventure cover. Such as the… Continue reading Quaking Soul Cover Reveal!

Terror from a Box

I stated Thursday that the realization hit, "This is really happening," in regards to publishing The Adventure. That realization was both happy (Yay, I made it this far!) and terrifying. This post is the terrifying and how I'm dealing with it. =) The updated proof arrived in the mail last Thursday. Eager child that I… Continue reading Terror from a Box