Yay, the Artwork!

Wolf - Zap Dragon Illustration

Zap Dragon is almost ready for the printer! I love when this moment comes in a book's production. All the details start coming together and a finished product is within sight. All I'm waiting on right now is a finished cover. Once that's done, I'll order a proof and do one last copy edit after… Continue reading Yay, the Artwork!

Pre-orders Open!

Mystery of the Golden Shells Illustration

This was supposed to post yesterday but something went wrong. So a day late, but here we go! Obviously, pre-orders opened yesterday for┬áMystery of the Golden Shells! You can order here on the website. And as a fun way to whet your appetite for the mystery adventure, here are a few more illustrations because, well,… Continue reading Pre-orders Open!

Just Because It’s Exciting

Mystery of the Golden Shells Ship Illustration

I know I've said it before, but publishing isn't a solitary thing. It can't be, especially for me. You see, if I tried to illustrate an adventure book you'd end up getting stick figures and smiley faces. And with so much of the writing process happening inside the writer's head, it can be hard to… Continue reading Just Because It’s Exciting

Blessed by Amazing Artists

Dragon Eye - discarded Dragons

I am continually blessed by the amazing people I get to work with as I'm putting together another book. I've mentioned Justin's gorgeous work on the cover and Darren's invaluable help with editing. Now I get to give you a tease of the artwork inside the book. If you're familiar with Quaking Soul, you've seen… Continue reading Blessed by Amazing Artists

Artists, Amazing Artists

I'm a writer but expect me to draw a picture and you'll get a stick figure. Stories flow through my brain all the time, it's a constant river of possibilities. I'm gifted this way. But I am not gifted in drawing, in illustration, and the people who are gifted this way boggle my mind. They… Continue reading Artists, Amazing Artists