Globe Hunters Option C: Mountains

Mountain Trail - Word Magic

This vote was incredibly close! (Lesson to self, three options split the vote dangerously close to tying!) But the mountains came out on, no pun intended =) (If you're counting, one vote came in on Facebook instead of the blog. Otherwise North and Mountains tied. Like I said, really close vote!) Let's see what… Continue reading Globe Hunters Option C: Mountains

Globe Hunters

Globe Hunter Adventure Story

It's definitely time for a new adventure! So without further ado, let's dive in. Globe Hunters On the dark mahogany desk sits a globe of the world so detailed that it shows roads and landscapes, place names and times of day. In deep colors of green and brown, it displays crops and in glistening whites… Continue reading Globe Hunters

Hunter Option Aa2: Threaten

This vote did not go as I thought it would. I love it when readers surprise me. Let's see how this story ends. Hunter Option Aa2: Threaten Usually the less aggressive option appeals more to you but the man’s still keening on the ground, in obvious distress over his wolves, and his eyes seem sharpened… Continue reading Hunter Option Aa2: Threaten

Hunter Option Aa: Bait Them

Welcome back, Hunter. Let's go bait some wolves. Hunter Option Aa: Bait Them Now that the village center stands empty, the giant man grins and holds his hands out with a questioning raise of his brow like you might release him. “Ha,” you laugh. “The wolves didn’t take your boys by accident.” This is a… Continue reading Hunter Option Aa: Bait Them

Hunter Option A: Capture the Man

Now that the election craziness is done, let's breath for a moment and explore some fictional adventure in which you're trying to save a village from its menace. Here we go... Hunter Option A: Capture the Man The gloating tone of the man is not that of an underling. It’s the assured sound of someone… Continue reading Hunter Option A: Capture the Man


It's that time of year when the leaves are falling and there's a decided chill in the air. That chill may have influenced this adventure a bit. Hope you enjoy =) Hunter A wind, scented with snow and sage from the fields surrounding the village, blows against your face. It chills your skin until a… Continue reading Hunter