Smuggling Hertzmer Option A. Act Crazy

Snowy Footprint -Smuggling Hertzmer and Word Magic Adventure

Welcome back to the next part in this adventure! Last Thursday, you tried to smuggle a halfling, Hertzmer, out of the country, but three hunters have come upon you in the meadow where you passed Hertzmer to Cam so she can get him to the boarder. The problem? Hertzmer left large, distinctive prints in the… Continue reading Smuggling Hertzmer Option A. Act Crazy

Smuggling Hertzmer

Frosted Meadow

Welcome back for a brand new adventure =) Smuggling Hertzmer Frost layers the bushes and trees and even the long bladed grass in the meadow with a coating of thick white crystals. No breath of wind touches those layered plants and the soft scampering of a squirrel can be heard in the near silence. To… Continue reading Smuggling Hertzmer