The Editor – Darren Thornberry

It's hard to post about my editor. Not because there's nothing to say, but because editors are such an integral part of publishing and are spoken of so little in the finished product. Yet it's hard to capture the value, the sense of comfort in a finished product because I know my editor's looked at… Continue reading The Editor – Darren Thornberry

Never Enough Thanks

Last year I titled this post Never a Solo Project. I waxed on about how important editors are and how valuable it is to find an editor you enjoy working with and who understands your vision for a book. None of that has changed. In fact, every time I work with an editor on a… Continue reading Never Enough Thanks

Never a Solo Project

Editing Screen - Discarded Dragons

I believe it was Stephen King who wrote about writing your first draft with the door shut. It's a time to let all the messy imagination in your brain splatter onto the page. But there comes a time when you have to open the door because you can't publish without the help of others. I've… Continue reading Never a Solo Project

The Editor Connection

Silverville Swindle, The Editor Connection Blog Post

In my last post, I talked about how interconnected publishing is! I talked about all the amazing people I've met in my life who are now helping me, people I never would have thought to ask before I started this process. My Editor is just one such person. Originally, I researched editors and reached out… Continue reading The Editor Connection

The Value of People Amidst the Chaos

I would never have learned to ride a motorcycle without the support of certain key people. Fear and the resistance of time played too strongly in my mind for me to break through that barrier all by my lonesome self. I’m not a bold person by nature. So my husband finding a motorcycle I could… Continue reading The Value of People Amidst the Chaos