Discarded Dragons Cover Reveal!

Discarded Dragons Mock Cover

Let's start this shindig with a fun, totally amazing cover reveal. I can't post this without a shout out to the cover designer and artist, Justin Allen. Seeing the finalized cover for a book might be one of the coolest parts of self-publishing, but getting to that cover requires a lot of communication. When I started… Continue reading Discarded Dragons Cover Reveal!

Time to Catch Up

Discarded Dragons Title

As you all know, I posted lots of updates while I was working on Quaking Soul. I love to share the writing journey with everyone because, despite the stereotype that writers are solitary people, publishing isn't and I like to include everyone along the way. Yet somehow, I haven’t posted updates about my current publishing… Continue reading Time to Catch Up

A Case of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Power Comicon

In my schedule, it says Power Comicon post for today... So much more has been happening than the Power Comicon, so here's a quick recap of what's happening in this writer's life. Events With covid, book signings have become more difficult. Many places simply aren't doing them. So when someone mentioned trying out a convention,… Continue reading A Case of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie