Why Zap Dragon

Lightening Strike

I often pencil in post ideas into my calendar. Then, when I have some time between writing books, I'll check the calendar and get another post done. This usually works great, but sometimes I look at my calendar and have to scratch my head in confusion, trying to figure out what I meant by the… Continue reading Why Zap Dragon

Zap Dragon Update #1

Every time I produce an adventure, it seems I try to shorten the time frame from writing to publication. This hasn't been intentional but this year's no different. You see, I made it into GalaxyCon in Raleigh, NC at the end of July. This has been my best convention to date and so I'm hoping… Continue reading Zap Dragon Update #1

The Finer Details

I learn something new every single time I put a book together.┬áYou'd think I'd reach a point where the process is routine, but so far there's always some little detail that's just waiting to surprise me. As I've said before, I try to share each time I learn something because without others sharing their knowledge,… Continue reading The Finer Details

In Other News

Discarded Dragons Books

First of all, I miss the interaction on the blog, so hello ­čÖé This is just a quick pop-in again to update you on a couple things that are non-Work-in-Progress related. Both these things relate to Discarded Dragons. Number one, Discarded Dragons has been nominated for the Palmetto Scribe Awards that AtomaCon does each year… Continue reading In Other News

Debuting Discarded Dragons at Power Comicon

Power Comicon

I told readers that I'd start a new pirate adventure today. I'm sorry ­čś×. I should have looked at my "masterplan," also known as my schedule, before I said that. I promise, next week will start the stowaway pirate adventure. This week, I'm going to have a geek out moment that involves comic conventions and┬áDiscarded… Continue reading Debuting Discarded Dragons at Power Comicon

Tomorrow’s the Day!

Discarded Dragons Title

There comes a time when an artist has to call her work finished and let it go. Let it into the world for others to see. It's exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time but if you don't let the work go, you'll forever be editing and the art will never reach a point… Continue reading Tomorrow’s the Day!

Blain – Discarded Dragons Excerpt

I had a difficult time choosing this excerpt! Because this is an adventure book, you actually get to meet Blain a couple different ways depending on which path you take through the book and all of the ways you encounter Blain are fun, but here's one of the encounters. Hope you enjoy =) Publication Date:┬áSeptember… Continue reading Blain – Discarded Dragons Excerpt

It’s That Time!!

Discarded Dragons stacked books

I like to dream. But I'm somewhat terrible at planning the steps between dreaming and making something a reality. Knowing this, my husband and I regularly sit down together and he helps me plan out each writing year. When we started this year, I'd never gone to a convention before. I'd also never taken an… Continue reading It’s That Time!!