This Crazy Beautiful World


I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where the dry heat in the summer brings out the sharp smell of pines and juniper and the snows in winter can stack up in feet and not just inches. Where sometimes it snows on the Fourth of July and lightning travels miles to strike a… Continue reading This Crazy Beautiful World

Forest is too Generic a Term!

Forest - Fort and Light Adventure

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The forests there are beautiful, sprawling things with spruce and pine and aspens. When it warms up, the dry heat makes the pine sap fragrant, like a candle but way better. So at one point in time, I’m not sure when it was, when I was… Continue reading Forest is too Generic a Term!

False Summit

False Summit

In Colorado, there’s this thing that people do. It’s called hiking 14ers. Let me explain. The Rocky Mountains run through the state and gift it, if you will, with more than fifty peaks over 14,000 feet. (There are over 500 13ers, but we won’t even go there today.) So you see, there are these towering… Continue reading False Summit