Maybe This is Where It All Started

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I’d sit in the doorway of my sister’s bedroom and watch her reading, envying her ability to understand the words. There was something there, something I was missing out on, but try as I might, words on a black and white page refused to make sense to me. One day, we were still in elementary… Continue reading Maybe This is Where It All Started

Blessed by Kickstarter Success!

The Adventure Kickstarter came to a close yesterday, 109% funded. The generosity and support people gave this last month warms my heart. I really didn't know what to expect when I launched the project and the response I got seriously brings tears to my eyes, like a giant hug from everyone I've met and even… Continue reading Blessed by Kickstarter Success!

It Comes with Rewards?!

Why yes, there are rewards for anyone who backs The Adventure on Kickstarter. This is one of the coolest parts of running a Kickstarter. First off, your name will end up in print. I.E. You'll be added to the acknowledgements of the book! From there, the rewards depend on the level at which you support… Continue reading It Comes with Rewards?!