Perfect Timing

Clock - Crystal Pit of Time

This post was supposed to be a book trailer. That's what my calendar has scheduled and those words have been glaring at me for months, literally. It's not often that, as an author advertises and talks about her upcoming book, you hear about the stumbles that happen along the way. But I've always felt that… Continue reading Perfect Timing

Why Book Trailers Boggle a Writer’s Brain

You need a book trailer for The Adventure...say what!? Yes, that's right, a movie-esque trailer...for a book. I mean, it's words-on-paper-to-fuel-imaginations type of technology, not a movie for crying out loud. What do you even put into a trailer? More words on a page? That's lovely...and totally boring without the actual book in hand. But… Continue reading Why Book Trailers Boggle a Writer’s Brain