Time has Wings

Thank you

WordPress recently congratulated me on another blogging anniversary. It's been long enough that it doesn't even state the number of years, just that Monday was the anniversary of my account. Yay! I think. It's been eleven years. I honestly have no idea how that's possible. I don't feel any older, or really any better at… Continue reading Time has Wings

Achievable or Not?

Journal Book - writing

I've had this very strange, and lovely, phenomenon happen in the last couple months. Readers, not many but a couple, have contacted me asking when the next book will be out. EEEK! I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen. I dearly want to give these readers more to read. Here's the kicker, they're not… Continue reading Achievable or Not?



As today is Thanksgiving in the United States, I thought I'd pause to thank everyone who's encouraged and supported me so far in my writing journey. I've grown to love the interaction on the blog and even have people I consider friends but who I've never met simply through blogging. It's a wonderful thing. So… Continue reading Thankfulness

Thank You to Another Wonderful Woman

Today I’d like to introduce a woman who is just as much of a vocabulary nut as myself, perhaps even more so. She posts on her blog Words of the Week and goes into wonderful detail about the use of random, fun words. Meet J.C. Wolfe. J.C.’s also a fabulous writer, and is an aspiring… Continue reading Thank You to Another Wonderful Woman

Thank You Katherine

I know, here I am on a Wednesday when I just said I wouldn't be posting on Wednesdays anymore. Yesterday's post explained that there are several people who have helped me get to where I'm at today. People who've encouraged me over this past year and who, amazingly enough, I've never met beyond this blog.… Continue reading Thank You Katherine

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Some days you just have to wonder if you're on the wrong path, if what you're doing is meant for you or if somewhere along the line you missed your calling. Most writers I know have these days, especially when a rejection hits their email. Last week was one of those days for me stretched… Continue reading Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award