At the Door of December

It’s that time of year again…already. I’ve no idea where 2017 went, but it’s interesting to look back for a second and contemplate.

Last year this time I hoped to self publish one of the adventures in 2017. It was my next big project. I hoped you could, “hold a hard copy of an adventure and explore all the different endings at your leisure.” I’m a bit surprised and pleased to be able to say this goal was accomplished. In fact, you can explore three of the adventure stories at your leisure! (Check out The Adventure on Amazon.)

Now it’s time to breath for a bit. Every December I step back from writing to focus on family and friends, to breath and relax.

This time also allows my brain to ruminate on what, exactly, the next year’s goals should be. Nothing will be decided until January, but this is the time to start those fires burning in my brain.

In other words, I won’t be posting again until January. If you’ve read this far into this post, thanks. =) With everything that demands your attention, I appreciate your support of this blog and my writing.

I promise to return in January with two things.

  • One, some goals for 2018 and
  • Two, a whole new adventure story to explore. It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a new adventure for the blog. It’s about time to get back to it.

What did you achieve this year? What will next year hold for you?



P.S. If you’re wondering about the Kickstarter rewards, I’ll be posting updates about those on my Facebook page. Be assured, I’m still working on the Hardcover. It’ll be ready soon. =)


It Comes In Buckets?

Who knew?!

But unlike beer coming in pints, life’s complications do not make me want to jump up from the table to get more.

All whining and complaining aside, let me lay out what’s up in a nut shell so it’ll become clear why there’ll be another couple weeks of silence on Adventure Awaits You.

Sleep and Deprivation were beaten away with a stick and a twenty hour drive in a moving van from Colorado to Washington. I’m still trying to figure out how a dog, two cats, my husband and I all made it safe in the cab with only a few scratches to show for the chaos. Let’s just say my husband now calls one of the cats “The Devil Kitty.”

Anyway, due to a communication snafu with the housing company, we found out last minute the house we were moving to isn’t available until the beginning of June…Ummm. Snafugit!

Moving on, partly due to Nate and I wanting to be near his new job and partly because it’s hard to find housing with three pets, we decided to wait for the house.

Hello temporary housing…with spotty internet. My frustration level just checking email tends to sit near the red. It’s amazing and a little sad how reliant I’ve become on reliable internet. It’s like phones now a days, where you just assume it’s going to be there.

Rest assured, once we’re in permanent housing, the adventure will return. Muhahaha!

But for now I’m on stollen internet time. Shh. Don’t tell. I’ll sneak in when I can but if the internet Guru doesn’t allow it, please have an amazing May.



Sleep and Deprivation

This post comes to you from Sleep and Deprivation. I.E. 10 hour night shifts for the past 5 days.

Sleep and Deprivation would like to convey their sincerest apologies for robbing Zeiger of coherent thought…thus why they are writing and she is not.

Also, they would like to inform the awesome Blog-O-Sphere that the Zeiger family will be moving soon and will be lacking internet for an unknowable amount of time. This makes Jennifer very sad as she loves the interaction here and on other blogs. So Sleep and Deprivation feel fairly comfortable in saying Jennifer will be back on the blog as soon as she can.

But for now she must finish out her last week of night shifts and fit packing in somewhere in the in-between. Sleep and Deprivation will run amuck until sometime in May.

Until then, sweet dreams, sugar plums and all that, to those who are able to acquire regular sleep.


Sleep and Deprivation standing in for Jennifer Zeiger.

Interview with Inion N. Mathair: From The Dark and Twisted Mind of Inion N. Mathair

(Dark+and+Twisted+Mind)+Front+CoverIt’s my pleasure today to have Inion N. Mathair over to talk about their latest book, From the Dark and Twisted Mind of Inion N. Mathair. As I said on Friday when they interviewed me about Midnight Abyss, these two ladies were one of the first to follow me when I started blogging a year ago and they’ve been nothing but supportive.

So I’m thrilled to be able to welcome them and support them back! I highly recommend you check out their blog, Two voices…One Thought.

Now on to the interview=)

Welcome Inion N. Mathair. It’s wonderful to have you here for my first interview.

          INM: Thank you for having us, Jennifer. We can’t tell you what an honor it is to be here on Adventure Awaits for our first interview regarding our short story collection.

Your other two books are novels, this one’s a short story collection. What inspired you to put this book together?

          INM: We are always writing. In between our novels, we prefer doing short stories to keep our minds churning and the creative juices flowing. When Halloween rolled around we figured it would be a great venue to launch the dark stories we’d written, as you very well know with your short story anthology, Midnight Abyss.

Considering the title, is this a horror book?

          INM: Yes. But, we’ve always had a dark edge to our writing that we’ve embraced rather than shy away from. The collection was just a few of the ideas we had running around our twisted minds while working on our novels.

What kind of stories can we look forward to? (Not asking for spoilers but if you’d like to put in a short clip, that’s cool).

          INM: We’ve tried to incorporate all kinds of different horrors. There are a few psychological thrillers, some otherworldly villains with a splash of traditional scares as well. This is an excerpt from the first tale entitled, The Confession:

“Bless me, father, for I have sinned.”

“Tell me your sins, my son.”

The stranger sighs, “I should, Father. It would be so comforting to unload these burdens on someone who could offer me absolution, but I’m afraid that there are some sins that can’t be confessed, some souls that shouldn’t be forgiven.”

How intriguing=)

How long have the two of you been writing together?

          INM: A little over six years, but separately the two of us have been writing most of our lives.

Do you have any other writing projects that we can look forward to?

INM: Yes, we have two YA novels available right now, The Perfect 7 and Nightwalkers: The Secret of Jessup. In spring we’ll also be launching our MG/YA novel New Salem Chronicles: The 13 Reapers.

You are a mother and daughter writing team. Tell us a little about how that works.

          INM: We couldn’t have started a writing duo had we not have had an excellent mother/daughter relationship. We’ve always been close, best friends really, and our minds are eerily similar. We’ve found a formula that works and is almost effortless. Of course, there are times when tussles arise (most of the time that’s due to a lack of sleep), but the beauty of Inion N. Mathair is the love that we feel for each other. For us, the most important thing is our bond, but we’re professionals first and foremost so the work is never neglected.

That’s awesome. I don’t know many people who’d call writing with another person effortless.

Do you have any suggestions for writers interested in co-authoring a book?

          INM: Communication is key. Always keep an open line and an open mind when working with another author.

Do you have a writing routine?

          INM: Before a story is ever written, we have a powwow and talk it out. The blueprinting comes next, (this is actually Inion’s favorite part) and then we assign chapters based on our strengths and weaknesses. Inion will usually go for the action sequences, recaps and big endings, while I prefer eye-catching openings, dialogue and romance/drama.

What influences your writing?

          INM: Anything and everything really. We’ve noticed that it’s the stranger things in life that revs our engine and we love being challenged. One of our short stories in the collection was inspired by a poem that we wrote and that has been entered in the Tennessee Williams poetry contest. Another one of the short stories was a challenge from my son and Inion’s brother for a zombie story with wicked twist. What’s great about art is that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Sounds awesome! Here are the links for anyone who’d like to find out more about From the Dark and Twisted Mind.



Inion N Mathair

From the Dark and Twisted Mind




Two Voices One Thought(Dark+and+Twisted+Mind)+Back+Cover(Dark+and+Twisted+Mind)+Front+Cover

Print Copy:


Thank you so much Inion N. Mathair! I look forward to reading you collection of stories=)



Interview Swap!

MACover-DraftFinalOver the last couple weeks I’ve shared my excitement over working with others to self publish the short story collection Midnight Abyss. So many people have come along side the other authors and I to help us make this a reality. It’s blessed me beyond anything I could have imagined.

Today, Inion N. Mathair have added to that blessing. They’re running an interview over on their blog, Two Voices…One Thought.

Now here’s the cool part. On Monday, I get to repay that blessing a bit by interviewing Inion N. Mathair about their own short story collection, From the Dark and Twisted Mind of Inion N. Mathair.

These two ladies were one of the first to follow me when I started blogging and they were one of the first I followed. They’re an inspiration to me and it thrills me to have them as my first interview.

So if you have a chance, stop in to say hello to them today. And on Monday, be sure to stop by to find out more about their newest book.

Blessings and have an amazing weekend,


Halloween Excitement

MACover-DraftFinalThe ghouls and goblins are out in force today and, working at a candy shop, this makes Halloween all the more fun=)

But, to be honest, I’ve not joined in on the festivities of Halloween for several years. I’ve not dressed up or given out candy. This year, I’m buying a bag of candy to celebrate even if I don’t see any trick-or-treaters. I think the family and I are even dressing up as pirates and raising the Jolly Roger to kick off the morning!

Today marks the first time I’ve ever been published. Midnight Abyss became available on Amazon this morning=) And the experience of self-publishing with eight other people could not have been better for me. So I’m doing a happy dance right now=)

For those who haven’t tuned in for a while, Karen Soutar’s running an interview over on her blog today covering the book and me as a writer. If you’re curious or like dark fantasy and horror, hop on over and say hello to her. She’s been amazingly supportive.


Thank you, Karen.

And I hope all of you have a wonderfully delicious Halloween. May something special happen today=)



Meet Raymond Tobaygo (1 day before book launch!)

MACover-DraftFinalYay, this is the last day before Midnight Abyss comes out! By now, you’re probably tired of hearing about it=) but bear with me a bit longer so I can introduce Raymond Tobaygo, who’s kind of a hero to me because for a good portion of the time we’ve been working on the book, Ray’s been sick, but he’s still put forth the effort to be a part of the collaboration. It’s a wonderful witness to me of someone doing what they love without excuses.

So here’s Ray:

Raymond Tobaygo’s favorite genres are science fiction, science fantasy, fantasy and horror. His favorite authors rayare Bear, Bradbury, Bova, Clancey, Koontz and Herbert. He is an active member of the Writer’s Carnival, writing workshop community. He also belongs to Writer’s Digest and Fanstory. Raymond is sixty-six years old, and is a former teacher with a Masters degree in education and psychology.

Raymond’s story is titled Aldrich.

Short Clip from Aldrich:

Confusion overrode fear as Bladwin, Tomkins and Bromartin moved toward the noise’s source. Torches waist high, they came upon small piles of black sulfur powder and several large circular prints, but nothing more. They returned to the other men and told of what they had found.
“If it bleeds sulfur, we can kill it,” Bromartin said…


‘Aldrich’ is a fusion of fantasy and horror. It’s a tale of honor-bound men battling a terrible threat.

-This story has a nice mix of history, including some details from the crusades and the blessings from the church, and fantastical elements to intrigue the mind=)