Quiet the Noise

Writing Sidekick

The phone's ringing. Facebook's sending out notifications. Email's pinging. The television's talking. Even the gas pump plays advertisements as you fill up your car. Ugh. Unless you make an intentional choice to shut it all down, you can't escape the constant demand for attention. One night a week, my husband and I make that intentional… Continue reading Quiet the Noise

Sloth Slow Progress

"Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." - C. Northcote Parkinson This quote is also, apparently, known as Parkinson’s Law. That might be apt. At least in my writing life, this rings with a lot of truth. I’ve found if a task doesn’t have a deadline, particularly a large task,… Continue reading Sloth Slow Progress

Heads Up!

Let's keep this short and sweet. jenniferzeiger.com is now my author website. Yahooo! For the last 6 years, it's been this blog. This blog is now jennifermzeiger.wordpress.com. I believe everything should run smoothly. All the little goblins in the background, ya know those domain name-name server goblins with teeth, all those guys should be lined up.… Continue reading Heads Up!

The Letter – Guest Story By Kat from The Lily Cafe

Every once in a while I get to share stories from other writers here at Adventure Awaits You. Today I'm excited to post a story from Kat over at The Lily Cafe. Kat blogs everything from short stories, to mothering experiences, to family recipes and book reviews. I love it. Check it out. And here's… Continue reading The Letter – Guest Story By Kat from The Lily Cafe

At the Door of December

It's that time of year again...already. I've no idea where 2017 went, but it's interesting to look back for a second and contemplate. Last year this time I hoped to self publish one of the adventures in 2017. It was my next big project. I hoped you could, "hold a hard copy of an adventure… Continue reading At the Door of December

Sleep and Deprivation

This post comes to you from Sleep and Deprivation. I.E. 10 hour night shifts for the past 5 days. Sleep and Deprivation would like to convey their sincerest apologies for robbing Zeiger of coherent thought...thus why they are writing and she is not. Also, they would like to inform the awesome Blog-O-Sphere that the Zeiger… Continue reading Sleep and Deprivation