Wizard’s Justice

Welcome to Monday=) This story is our fourth adventure with Wizard Whittlestrom. You can read it as its own story if you like, however, there are a lot of references in this one back to Wizard's Coffee, Wizard's Baker, and Wizard's Move. You can read the previous stories by clicking on the links to the left or… Continue reading Wizard’s Justice

Wizard’s Move

Welcome! So this is the third short story involving Wizard Whittlestrom. You can read this story without the first two but there are a few things that make more sense if you're familiar with Whittlestrom, his wife and the baker first. So, if you're not familiar and you'd like to be, check out Wizard's Coffee,… Continue reading Wizard’s Move

Baker’s Wizard

Beside the bakery squatted a dilapidated cottage the color of plums. A rounded woman knelt in the garden out front pulling daisies and tossing them over her shoulder into an ever-growing pile of white and green. As the sun began to set, the woman pushed to her feet and gazed at her work of bright… Continue reading Baker’s Wizard