Crazy Muscle Memory

Penmanship Practice - Muscle Memory

Our memories, particularly our muscle memories, are the craziest things. Last week I posted about a Jake Weidman tedtalk on penmanship. As a fun exercise, and as something to practice together, my dad and I have started to work on our penmanship. We’ve played around with different pens—fountain pens with their inks, gel pens, regular… Continue reading Crazy Muscle Memory

The Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock

This one's for my mom. My grandfather was a craftsman. He took a pedestal table from a yard sale and rebuilt it into a lovely dining room table with slide out leaves. Over the matter of twenty years he built chairs with burlwood accents crafted in to complete the set. There’s a marble top chest… Continue reading The Grandfather Clock

Natural Halloween Decorations

Spider Webs - Halloween Decorations

I’ve never been a big decorator for Halloween. Of course, I’ve never been a big decorator period. I love Christmas lights. Especially the blue and white ones. There’s something special that happens in my brain when I see a room lit up with blue and white Christmas lights like I’m a child again and could… Continue reading Natural Halloween Decorations

Tidal Rivers – Who Knew?!

River Sunset

Last week I talked about the tides. My brain's still on that. As I said last week, I grew up in Colorado. There’s the Continental Divide in Colorado where, on one side the rivers flow one way and on the other they flow the other way. Other than that, the rivers are predictable. You put… Continue reading Tidal Rivers – Who Knew?!

The Wave


I grew up riding on the back of my dad’s motorcycle. Besides the obvious wind in the face exhilaration, one of the things I’ve always loved about it is “The Wave.” It doesn’t matter if you’re on an Indian, Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, or something else, if it’s safe to do so, riders for the most part… Continue reading The Wave