The Well

Cavern - Adventure story

Note: After an adventure has run its course, I collect the posts together so readers don't have to jump around the blog to re-read the story. Originally this spanned a month's time, posting each Thursday and continuing according to how readers voted in the comments. The comments you see at the end now are therefore… Continue reading The Well

Word Magic

Hello amazing readers! It was not my intention to take January off along with December, but in hind's sight, I should have known it was going to happen due to continuing editing on Quaking Soul. Regardless, I'm back for a bit with a brand new Adventure for 2020 that I'm super excited to share! Let's… Continue reading Word Magic

Oasis Disturbance

Oasis Disturbance - Moon

Our last adventure had a rather chilly river involved. Let's warm up in the desert for this next adventure =) Oasis Disturbance It’s dry as only a desert can be. Each breath creates a dull ache in the back of your sinuses like the flow of air is actively pulling moisture out of your body.… Continue reading Oasis Disturbance

Fort and Light

Fort - Fort and Light Adventure

A new adventure awaits you! Let's jump right in and see where it takes us. Fort and Night “Hello, -ello, -ello, -llo, -llo.” You stop mid-step. The shout fades until only silence surrounds you but you’re sure someone just hollered from within the old fort. With a slow turn, you look back at the barracks of… Continue reading Fort and Light

Crystal Pit of Time

Crystal Pit of Time

It's well past time (pun intended =)) for a new adventure. Let's jump in! Crystal Pit of Time The golden hands of the clock spin without purpose, around and around and around the sparkling face of golden numbers. You struggle not to stare at it above the King’s head as he rants about the crime… Continue reading Crystal Pit of Time

I’m Alive!

Quaking Soul Manuscript

Hello Dear Readers! I'm checking in to let you know I'm still alive after my hiatus for book editing. Here's my progress report. This last week, I finished my personal edit on Quaking Soul. It took almost 3 weeks longer than I'd planned, but as someone told me recently, most everything takes longer than you… Continue reading I’m Alive!

Smuggling Hertzmer

Welcome back for a brand new adventure =) Smuggling Hertzmer Frost layers the bushes and trees and even the long bladed grass in the meadow with a coating of thick white crystals. No breath of wind touches those layered plants and the soft scampering of a squirrel can be heard in the near silence. To… Continue reading Smuggling Hertzmer


Yup,  you guessed it, it's time for a brand new adventure story. I've had about six stories started this year and, when I went to outline the different story trails, found I wasn't happy with where each story led, no matter which ending we discovered. So I appreciate your patience as I finally have a… Continue reading Outcasts