The Well-Salamander’s Crawl

Well - Adventure Story

Welcome back! We started this adventure last week, so here's a quick recap: You and Peter, your partner, have found the entrance to a cave system in which you hope to find a mythical Well that grants special powers. You carefully avoided telling the other two of your group, Horace and Arnold, because they work… Continue reading The Well-Salamander’s Crawl

Twigs and the Giant

Welcome to the New Year! We're going to do something that we've not done in a while, we're going to go on an Adventure! So without further ado, let's see where we start. Twigs and the Giant It’s impolite to show up unannounced right before dinner…which is why you did it on purpose to the… Continue reading Twigs and the Giant

Working Out the Brain

The human brain is a marvelous thing. Just like a muscle, it can be worked out until doing certain activities becomes easier. Memory can be improved by memorizing (imagine that). Reading can be improved by reading and writing. Sight reading sheet music can be improved by practicing piano. I could go on. But similarly, if… Continue reading Working Out the Brain