Rare Creature Sighting

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Within the burrows of my heart hides this tiny creature. It's fuzzy with rounded ears and a small nose, much like a pika. It's about the same size too. This is the creature that jumps for glee at being invited to a friend's event or that scrambles with purpose when hosting a game night. This… Continue reading Rare Creature Sighting

Shape Changer

Chill wind howls through the mountain peaks and tall pines, calling in the cold like a shrill old woman. Darkness fell barely an hour ago but the warmth of the day is now long gone. You huddle against the rock wall at your back and extend your fingers toward the warm fire before you. Its heat… Continue reading Shape Changer

Prince’s Game Option Aa1: River

This adventure could definitely be longer! Once I got into writing the posts, I realized there could be a lot more places for the reader to make a choice. Perhaps I'll expand it for the next run through, but for now, please forgive how long these last few posts have turned out. Now on to… Continue reading Prince’s Game Option Aa1: River

Prince’s Game Option Aa: Under Town

Readers voted to explore the under side of the city in hopes of avoiding Rat territory. Let's see if this choice awards you the cane you need in the Prince's game. Aa. Under Town? Grandmother suggested Under Town, so you trust she can handle the stresses of climbing. With any luck, you’ll avoid the Rat… Continue reading Prince’s Game Option Aa: Under Town

Prince’s Game Option A: Address Him Directly

It's so good to see everyone for this adventure! We're being bold in this next part and addressing the Prince directly. Hopefully he doesn't get mad! Prince's Game Option A: Address Him Directly The hazel eyed proxy waits, holding you with an unsettlingly steady stare. “I’m sorry, Sir,” you apologize with a bow of your… Continue reading Prince’s Game Option A: Address Him Directly

The Troll Chaser

It's time for Caleb's adventure! If you missed the last several weeks, just know that I helped my sister's kids with their creative writing last semester and now we get to share in the adventure stories they wrote. It's fantastic to see their imaginations at work. This week you get to meet Caleb. In his own… Continue reading The Troll Chaser