Yay, the Artwork!

Wolf - Zap Dragon Illustration

Zap Dragon is almost ready for the printer! I love when this moment comes in a book's production. All the details start coming together and a finished product is within sight. All I'm waiting on right now is a finished cover. Once that's done, I'll order a proof and do one last copy edit after… Continue reading Yay, the Artwork!

Mystery of the Golden Shells Kindle Pre-Order

Mystery of the Golden Shells Title Text

This one's been a long time coming! I've been hoping to have the Kindle version of Golden Shells out within a month of the paperback publication...eight months later I finally get it done. Ugh. Such is life sometimes. Anyway, I'm happy to announce that the pre-order for Mystery of the Golden Shells Kindle is now available.… Continue reading Mystery of the Golden Shells Kindle Pre-Order

Sneaky Beliefs

Pen and paper

Some beliefs sneak into our heads without us even being aware of them. It's a strange phenomenon. Then, down the road, we run headlong into those beliefs like they're the shadowy guy hiding in the alleyways of our minds. It's only when we see him in full daylight that we realize how truly ugly he… Continue reading Sneaky Beliefs

Soul Days and Steam Days

Mug of Cider - Set Up Adventure Story

There's a moment when I walk into my office each morning, coffee in hand, when I see the sunshine streaming through the windows and feel the day open up before me, full of possibilities. It's a beautiful, soul calming moment. Then I open my computer and the work begins. Sometimes that beautiful soul-moment stays with… Continue reading Soul Days and Steam Days

Attack – Discarded Dragons Excerpt

It's difficult to pick excerpts when the book isn't linear! Discarded Dragons has 12 different endings, so no matter what excerpt I pick, it won't totally give you a glimpse into the whole book. Oh well, I tried to pick a fun peek =) Hope you enjoy. Publication Date: September 1, 2021 Genre: Fantasy Adventure (Multi-ending) Lead… Continue reading Attack – Discarded Dragons Excerpt

Time to Catch Up

Discarded Dragons Title

As you all know, I posted lots of updates while I was working on Quaking Soul. I love to share the writing journey with everyone because, despite the stereotype that writers are solitary people, publishing isn't and I like to include everyone along the way. Yet somehow, I haven’t posted updates about my current publishing… Continue reading Time to Catch Up