Zap Dragon (Paperback) $15.00


A multi-ending adventure book where the reader gets to be a metal, steampunk dragon who zaps people by accident! (Includes 14 Possible Endings)

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A steampunk dragon multi-ending adventure.

Explore All 14 Possible Endings!

You’re a steel dragon with marble eyes, strong claws, and long-plated wings that promise to carry you to new and exciting places. All of that would be fantastic except for one persnickety defect: You unexpectedly zap people when they touch you. And now you’ve been thrown out and are hiding behind a dumpster.

You watch three street boys searching for parts to sell. If they catch you, they’ll take you apart for scraps. Hiding won’t be an option for much longer, but do you fight them or make a run for it?

Choose wisely, Dear Shocking Dragon, for the world may be at your wingtips depending on your next move.


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