The Adventure Literacy and Creative Writing Workshop

Ever since I started putting The Adventure together for publication, there's been a niggling idea in the back of my head that it would be a great book for teaching creative writing and English literacy. In 2018, I started piecing together a 4th-5th grade curriculum using the Common Core Standards as my baseline. 

I soon realized I was a bit over my head, so I reached out to Kaydee, a great friend of mine and a teacher in Alaska with her Masters in K-12 education. She's since partnered with me and we're close to completing The Adventure Literacy and Creative Writing Workshop. This curriculum will include Literacy workshops including everything from comprehension exercises to vocabulary worksheets, all the way to having students write their own adventure stories. 

Hopefully we will have this ready in the first quarter of 2019. The books will be available through Amazon's expanded distribution and the curriculum will be on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. 

I will update this as soon as there is more to tell.