Socks, Sandals, and Pine Straw

Socks and Sandals

During and just after college, I worked in a sporting goods shop in a small mountain town in Colorado. In hindsight, the experience from this shop has been a huge benefit. I'm a strong introvert by nature, so the ability to talk with people without stumbling all over myself is priceless. But that's not the… Continue reading Socks, Sandals, and Pine Straw

Epiphany Moments Hit at Odd Times

Inspiration Spark

I lay down for a brief nap in the afternoon, hoping it'll refresh me enough to keep powering through editing. But as I lay there, breathing deeply and telling my muscles to relax, an idea starts rolling through my thoughts. It's persistent and intriguing. "You're a steel dragon with marble eyes, strong claws, and long-plated… Continue reading Epiphany Moments Hit at Odd Times

Sometimes the Brain Helps


My arms rhythmically move, pulling me through the water in a steady, smooth glide. In the back of my head, I'm counting, "One, two, breathe. One, two, breathe." But at the forefront of my mind, I'm a steel dragon covered in soot and rust and hiding beneath a dumpster while three street boys search for… Continue reading Sometimes the Brain Helps

The Sidekick Strikes Again!

Writing Sidekick

It was December of 2012 and I wasn't even into my first month of blogging when I posted about my cat eating my book outline. (Yarn, Sticky Notes, and a Cat). You see, I'd tried to outline my 100K word novel across the wall by using yarn and sticky notes. After putting hours into the… Continue reading The Sidekick Strikes Again!

The Little Details

Camellia Blossom

Every time I read the┬áRanger's Apprentice series┬áby John Flanagan, I find myself craving a good cup of coffee. There's just something about his descriptions of the rich aroma that calls to my taste buds. These are the details I love in books. They help make the story real. I have a hard time writing about… Continue reading The Little Details

Be a Viking!

Masted Ship - Adventure story

My sister introduced me to a book titled "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris. It's written for teens but the ideas in it work for anyone. One of the chapters talks about the little tasks that set you up to accomplish bigger things. For instance, making your bed each morning seems mundane and… Continue reading Be a Viking!

Peace in the Process

Wooden Shelf

For as long as I can remember, my dad's always had some sort of woodshop. When my sisters and I were young, he'd make us wooden puzzles like the one with the horseshoes connected by chain links and you have to figure out how to get the metal ring off the shoes. (Perhaps this explains… Continue reading Peace in the Process