When Sticks Move

Welcome to a new short story. This one started from a random dream snippet of a dragon walking on me. Go figure. I don't usually remember my dreams but this one stuck and I couldn't resist attempting a story. It grew longer than I'd like but I really prefer to keep it all within a week, so… Continue reading When Sticks Move

Beauty Chapter One

After the last several months of upheaval, my husband and I are finally moved and settled into a house with internet. It's amazing how much I took internet for granted until I didn't have reliable access to it. I mean, internet's everywhere anymore, right? Not exactly. Anyway, no more moving woes. One plus to not… Continue reading Beauty Chapter One

Troll Testing Part Two

Welcome to the second part of Troll Testing. Reader's asked for more story involving Broman the troll, so here it is. For those of you who missed Tuesday, just know that Broman is required to bring back the first child for dinner to pass his test as a troll. So far he's 'changed' into a… Continue reading Troll Testing Part Two

Troll Testing Part One

So a few weeks ago I wrote a story involving a shape changing troll by the name of Broman. Much to my surprise, readers unanimously asked for more story involving this troll. So welcome to Troll Testing...I hope you enjoy=) Troll Testing “They’re the easiest to catch, the most trusting and the weakest...” Faden trailed… Continue reading Troll Testing Part One

Grandma’s Punishment

So Midnight Abyss and the amazing group I've gotten to work with continue to challenge me in my writing. We have a tumblr page and for November we decided to write short flash pieces. Short fiction has never been my forte, so flash fiction's an even greater challenge. The odd part about trying to write… Continue reading Grandma’s Punishment

Washing Up Free

Welcome to Tuesday. This story came about after input from Beth over at Writer B is Me.  Thanks, Beth, for the feedback. I promise, there're mermaids=) Since I've changed the posting schedule, the posts this week are a little longer to accommodate the same story length that I was posting  in three days. Let me… Continue reading Washing Up Free