Quaking Soul Review from The Lily Cafe

The Lily Cafe Quaking Soul Review

I tried to reblog this yesterday but it somehow never showed up... not sure what I did wrong, but the following review made my day. Follow the link to read Kat's review of Quaking Soul at her blog The Lily Cafe. I can’t say how encouraging it is for me as I work on the… Continue reading Quaking Soul Review from The Lily Cafe

It’s Like a Muscle

Piano - Muscle Memory

Logically I know that if I work out regularly, my muscles will grow stronger. If I practice piano regularly, I’ll slowly improve my sight-reading, my playing, and even the muscle memory in my hands. If I write regularly then… I’m amazed that we treat our brains differently than we do the rest of our bodies.… Continue reading It’s Like a Muscle

Achievable or Not?

Journal Book - writing

I've had this very strange, and lovely, phenomenon happen in the last couple months. Readers, not many but a couple, have contacted me asking when the next book will be out. EEEK! I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen. I dearly want to give these readers more to read. Here's the kicker, they're not… Continue reading Achievable or Not?

On the Doorstep of December 2021

Coffee and Fire

I've started this post three or four times. Sometimes the writing just flows, other times it comes in dribbles and it's hard to express all that's brewing inside my mind. This is one of those times. I know what I'd like to say, but it's not appearing in the words I type. Perhaps keeping it… Continue reading On the Doorstep of December 2021



As today is Thanksgiving in the United States, I thought I'd pause to thank everyone who's encouraged and supported me so far in my writing journey. I've grown to love the interaction on the blog and even have people I consider friends but who I've never met simply through blogging. It's a wonderful thing. So… Continue reading Thankfulness

Crazy Muscle Memory

Penmanship Practice - Muscle Memory

Our memories, particularly our muscle memories, are the craziest things. Last week I posted about a Jake Weidman tedtalk on penmanship. As a fun exercise, and as something to practice together, my dad and I have started to work on our penmanship. We’ve played around with different pens—fountain pens with their inks, gel pens, regular… Continue reading Crazy Muscle Memory

Pen or Computer…That is the Question

Pen and paper

I’ve always hand written my stories. There’s something about the feel of pen and paper that speaks to my creative processes. However, as I work on my next novel, I keep trying to write it on my computer. It’s obviously faster than handwriting and, if I can get my brain to accept this form of… Continue reading Pen or Computer…That is the Question

Maybe This is Where It All Started

Journal Book - writing

I’d sit in the doorway of my sister’s bedroom and watch her reading, envying her ability to understand the words. There was something there, something I was missing out on, but try as I might, words on a black and white page refused to make sense to me. One day, we were still in elementary… Continue reading Maybe This is Where It All Started