The Troll Chaser

It's time for Caleb's adventure! If you missed the last several weeks, just know that I helped my sister's kids with their creative writing last semester and now we get to share in the adventure stories they wrote. It's fantastic to see their imaginations at work. This week you get to meet Caleb. In his own words:… Continue reading The Troll Chaser


It's time for a new adventure! To recap if you missed the previous few weeks, I helped last semester with my nieces' and nephew's Creative Writing class. So now, each one of them has a full adventure story to share! Their imaginations humble me. This week it's my pleasure to introduce you to Haylee: In her… Continue reading Shipwrecked

Dragon’s Breath

Hello everyone! It's great to be back to the adventure and I can now reveal a surprise that's been brewing since last fall. When the school year started, my sister asked me to help with my nieces' and nephew's English lessons. She wanted to work on their story telling and teach them such things as protagonist,… Continue reading Dragon’s Breath

Scorpion Dragon

It hasn't been that long since we explored this adventure, but it was requested and it's a lot of fun. Plus, the last time you died, so a second run just sounds like a good idea. Without further adieu, here's Scorpion Dragon. =) Scorpion Dragon “It costs a King’s ransom, though,” the doc warns you.… Continue reading Scorpion Dragon

Scorpion Dragon

Welcome to the adventure. This story's bones came from the amazing imaginations of some very creative nieces and nephews I know. When lacking inspiration, they're an awesome source of fuel for the muse. =) Hope you enjoy. Scorpion Dragon “It costs a King’s ransom, though,” the doc warns you. “But a cure exists?” you ask again.… Continue reading Scorpion Dragon