Chalice 2

I started two new adventures for this week, got about 200 words into the opening of each story, and then just stared at the page with a blank mind. This doesn't happen very often but I figured, instead of giving you an adventure that meandered because I had no direction for it, we could explore an old… Continue reading Chalice 2


The Blog-o-shere is an interesting world. Some blogs come and go quickly, some hang in there, with time proving a dogged and admirable perseverance. Some fascinate with the voice of their writing and others with their content. Some manage both. One of the things that fascinates me most about this cyber world is the interaction… Continue reading Will-O’-The-Wisp

Raining Frogs

And the adventure's back! I feel like a talk show host sometimes. And here we have the adventure stories involving multiple endings and dangerous perils. Choose wisely, for there be dragons beyond them there boarders. Okay, sorry, had to get a bit of shenanigans out of my system, but seriously, this piece was fun and random to… Continue reading Raining Frogs

House Sitting

Hope everyone's week has gotten off to a great start! For some entertainment, let's start a new adventure =) (Some adventures are just a blast to write. This was one of those. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!) House Sitting He’s staring at you with golden, unblinking eyes. A deep rumble emanates… Continue reading House Sitting