Heart Beats

All right! It's time for a new adventure. Let's dig in and see what happens =) Heart Beats Eight heart beats. From past experience, you know that’s how long it will be before your feet hit the ground. Seven beats. As you fall, you hold your coat tight to your sides to keep the wind… Continue reading Heart Beats

Tails of PaTail

Welcome to a brand new adventure. =) Tails of PaTail The air smells of raspberries and peaches, cinnamon and nutmeg and, beneath the sweet spice of the jam vendor’s stall, there’s the scent of rain on cobblestone. This early in the morning few people actually wander the market and the few who do are quiet,… Continue reading Tails of PaTail

Globe Hunters

Globe Hunter Adventure Story

It's definitely time for a new adventure! So without further ado, let's dive in. Globe Hunters On the dark mahogany desk sits a globe of the world so detailed that it shows roads and landscapes, place names and times of day. In deep colors of green and brown, it displays crops and in glistening whites… Continue reading Globe Hunters

Owl Shaped


Welcome to a new adventure! Let's not waste any time. Let's jump right in =) Owl Shaped The room's temperature sits well above comfortable, like every student is sweating their anxiety into the air. The usual chatter is nonexistent. Do this one task well and the rest of your magicks class will be a breeze because… Continue reading Owl Shaped

Shape Changer

Shape Changer Chill wind howls through the mountain peaks and tall pines, calling in the cold like a shrill old woman. Darkness fell barely an hour ago but the warmth of the day is now long gone. You huddle against the rock wall at your back and extend your fingers toward the warm fire before you.… Continue reading Shape Changer


It's that time of year when the leaves are falling and there's a decided chill in the air. That chill may have influenced this adventure a bit. Hope you enjoy =) Hunter A wind, scented with snow and sage from the fields surrounding the village, blows against your face. It chills your skin until a… Continue reading Hunter