Yay, the Artwork!

Wolf - Zap Dragon Illustration

Zap Dragon is almost ready for the printer! I love when this moment comes in a book's production. All the details start coming together and a finished product is within sight. All I'm waiting on right now is a finished cover. Once that's done, I'll order a proof and do one last copy edit after… Continue reading Yay, the Artwork!

Technical Mumbo Jumbo

Due to a wedding in the family last weekend in Colorado, half of my formatting for Zap Dragon has been accomplished in the car while traveling cross-country. That's as fun as it sounds. I never noticed all the little bumps in the road until I was trying to fine-tune the placement of illustrations! Anyway, you’d… Continue reading Technical Mumbo Jumbo

Keep Showing Up

Mug of Cider - Set Up Adventure Story

"Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny." I’m not sure where I originally heard this and when I looked it up, it looks like even the internet… Continue reading Keep Showing Up

Why Zap Dragon

Lightening Strike

I often pencil in post ideas into my calendar. Then, when I have some time between writing books, I'll check the calendar and get another post done. This usually works great, but sometimes I look at my calendar and have to scratch my head in confusion, trying to figure out what I meant by the… Continue reading Why Zap Dragon

Zap Dragon Update #1

Every time I produce an adventure, it seems I try to shorten the time frame from writing to publication. This hasn't been intentional but this year's no different. You see, I made it into GalaxyCon in Raleigh, NC at the end of July. This has been my best convention to date and so I'm hoping… Continue reading Zap Dragon Update #1

Socks, Sandals, and Pine Straw

Socks and Sandals

During and just after college, I worked in a sporting goods shop in a small mountain town in Colorado. In hindsight, the experience from this shop has been a huge benefit. I'm a strong introvert by nature, so the ability to talk with people without stumbling all over myself is priceless. But that's not the… Continue reading Socks, Sandals, and Pine Straw

All It Takes

All it takes - mushrooms

I never know what might spark a story idea. I posted this drawing by Megan with Little Druid Stories this last week because it caught my eye at SwanCon. That probably was because I've already found myself fascinated by the fungus and toadstools that grow in my backyard. Growing up in Colorado, we'd see mushrooms… Continue reading All It Takes