This book was self-published in November 2017 after a successful Kickstarter Campaign. I cannot thank those who supported it enough.

The Adventure includes three different Choose Your Own Adventure style stories, giving the reader 26 possible endings to find. 

Moonrise Mountain: 

Legend tells of the wild horses that live atop Moonrise Mountain. Now you’re out to discover if legend is true, but first, you have to reach the top of the mountain, and each choice you make will bring unforeseen dangers. 

Temple of Night and Wind:

Many have entered the Howling Maw in search of its treasures. None have returned. But now your village is starving and the Maw’s treasures are your last resort. So down into the Maw you venture… 

The Tournament:

To free your uncle from life in the King’s mines, you enter the Tournament. However, this is no typical contest, and its lack of rules makes success all the more difficult, and defeat all the more deadly. 

Pick wisely, Dear Reader, for success or failure depends on your choices.

The Adventure Trailer

This trailer was put together during the Kickstarter campaign for the book. Thank you goes to Lucynda Sebring for spending an inordinate amount of time putting this together. Without her help, this would never have turned out so beautifully. 

Midnight Abyss

(This book was a self-published collaboration between myself and eight other authors I met on the Writer's Carnival. It's a collection of short stories in the dark fantasy/horror genre.)

Step into the darkness of Midnight Abyss, a collection of devilishly dark fantasy, hauntingly horrific short stories, and petrifying poetry that will keep you on the edge of your seat from dusk till dawn. It's midnight in the abyss... Do you know where your darklings are?

Horrifically Delightful ! Spooky tales by Anisa A. Claire • Shaun Adams • Theresa Briscoe Tschetter • Matthew X. Gomez • Doug Langille • Kelleigh Elizabeth Perry • Gregory K. Shipman • Raymond Tobaygo • Jennifer M. Zeiger

Other Publications

In March 2014, Dark Futures ezine published my short story, Saving Mae. This story is about a girl in a post apocalyptical world who was trying to save her sister from a rival gang. 

In December 2013, The Story Shack published my short story, Message in a Rose. This story is about a girl whose strict aunt will not let her out of the house but the girl's love interest sneaks in and leaves a rose just to let her know he still cares.