The Well-Salamander’s Crawl

Well - Adventure Story

Welcome back! We started this adventure last week, so here's a quick recap: You and Peter, your partner, have found the entrance to a cave system in which you hope to find a mythical Well that grants special powers. You carefully avoided telling the other two of your group, Horace and Arnold, because they work… Continue reading The Well-Salamander’s Crawl

The Well

Cavern - Adventure story

It's already February! Wow. We had a great January fighting a giant and helping small twig creatures, but now it's time to go looking for a mythical well that grants special powers. What'da'ya say? Shall we get started? The Well Stale air surrounds you in the dark cavern, holding in its every dusty particle the… Continue reading The Well

Guest Post: The Tablet by Kat from The Lily Cafe

Kat's The Lily Cafe

Hello dear readers! Today I'm doing something I haven't done in awhile. I have a guest post to share with your from Kat with The Lily Cafe. Kat is incredibly supportive of authors and I love that I can encourage her in her own writing as well. So without further ado, here's The Tablet. The… Continue reading Guest Post: The Tablet by Kat from The Lily Cafe

Author Reading at The Lily Cafe

Kat's The Lily Cafe

I know I've said this before, but it's worth saying again. There are some amazing people in the blogging world. Back in December, Kat at The Lily Cafe approached me because she wanted to do something different on her blog in 2021. She wanted to start hosting author readings just like a walk-in cafe would… Continue reading Author Reading at The Lily Cafe

Twigs and the Giant

Welcome to the New Year! We're going to do something that we've not done in a while, we're going to go on an Adventure! So without further ado, let's see where we start. Twigs and the Giant It’s impolite to show up unannounced right before dinner…which is why you did it on purpose to the… Continue reading Twigs and the Giant

Time to Capture Thoughts

Coffee and Notebook

I sit at my desk, smelling the coffee steaming in front of me and simply reflecting. The dog snores beside me and the cat pushes at my back from where he sleeps behind me in my chair. I love these quiet moments, and I forget to appreciate them far too often. It's been a crazy… Continue reading Time to Capture Thoughts

Let Me Introduce You

Naomi Lastrucci The Silver Queen and The Lunar Dragon

In general, we used to scoff at friendships made over the internet. How can such friends truly be friends when you couldn't pick them out of a crowd? Or call them on the phone? Or even text them? Yet, my sister has a long time friend who she met playing video games. They've become such… Continue reading Let Me Introduce You

Perfect Timing

Clock - Crystal Pit of Time

This post was supposed to be a book trailer. That's what my calendar has scheduled and those words have been glaring at me for months, literally. It's not often that, as an author advertises and talks about her upcoming book, you hear about the stumbles that happen along the way. But I've always felt that… Continue reading Perfect Timing