Jennifer M Zeiger

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and now live in South Carolina with my husband, Nate.

In 2017, I wanted to see how difficult this self-publishing thing was, so I ran Quaking Soul 3D Covera kickstarter to publish my first book, The Adventure, which is a multi-ending adventure book for young readers that contains three stories with eight-to-ten endings each.

In 2020, I followed The Adventure with my first urban fantasy novel, Quaking Soul. I’ve always dreamed of writing fantasy novels and now that’s a reality!

Continuing this adventure of publishing, on September 1, 2021, my second adventure book, Discarded Dragons, was published. In it, you’re a steampunk dragon looking for parts to finish your design.

Publishing History

Since 2012 when I seriously started blogging, here are my short story publications:


Welcome to the Adventure Awaits You blog!

I started my blog in 2012 as a way to get past my terror of sharing my writing. It morphed into an Adventure blog where readers can vote on story directions and find different endings. There are occasional publishing or event posts snuck in, but most weeks entail an adventure post that readers get to chime in on.

Feel free to join in the adventure! But be careful, there be dragons beyond the edges and what you find depends on your choices!


I recently looked at Jonathan Renshaw’s website. He’s the author of Dawn of Wonder and is also self-published. He’s definitely done something right with his writing and marketing because his book’s done very well.

Anyway, he’s an inspiration to me not only because of how well he’s done with his publishing, but also because of how transparent and bold he is about his faith.

He talks about how sometimes we remain quiet about our deepest convictions out of respect for others who believe differently than we do, but how this sometimes also turns into cowardice on our parts and thus becomes a deceit, hiding who we truly are. I can honestly say I’ve done this at times, not spoken up because I’m more afraid than I am respectful. So to be completely honest, the foundation of my life is my faith in Jesus.

Jonathan goes on to talk about the reaction telling someone you’re a Christian can evoke. He says it so well that I’ll just point you to it here. I agree wholeheartedly with what he says. My belief comes from personal experience. I don’t have a bunch of profound answers, but I’m more than willing to discuss with you if you have any questions. (You can email me from the contact page.)

Thank you for stopping by!


Jennifer M Zeiger