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Time has Wings

WordPress recently congratulated me on another blogging anniversary. It’s been long enough that it doesn’t even state the number of years, just that Monday was the anniversary of my account. Yay! I think. It’s been eleven years.

I honestly have no idea how that’s possible. I don’t feel any older, or really any better at this blogging thing. But I can say I believe it’s been worth it.

So many social media platforms are supposed to be about people-interaction. Yet if you look at your feed, there are more ads, bots, and “suggested content” than anything else. Half the time we’re left wondering if the person asking to be our friends is the actual person or if their account has been hacked or maybe it’s AI now. Who knows?

The one area where I still find the interaction genuine is here, on the blogosphere. Blogging isn’t the big “thing” anymore. Some even say it’s dying, which to me is sad, but for those who still put in some time on it, there are true friendships to be found, even with people I may never meet in person.

Some people I’ve now “known” for ten or eleven years. I may never greet them face-to-face, but they know my writing journey, in some cases better than some of my own family members, and I know their own blog journey, whatever it may be. And we still encourage each other. In a world where we’re left wondering what’s real, I love that I know these people are there.

I started this blog because I was scared to share my writing and everyone said a writer needed an online platform. I succeeded in pushing past my fear. The nervousness may never go away, but I can now post without it making my fingers shake. I also succeeded in building a small platform. It’s about as big as my tiny feet, but I love it. But more importantly, I found a community that still cares that there’s a real person behind that computer screen.



14 thoughts on “Time has Wings”

  1. Congrats on eleven years of blogging, Jennifer! I totally agree that social media doesn’t feel genuine anymore, so it’s nice to see you still writing here. Wishing you even more success in your future writing adventures! 🙂

  2. If we cannot do relationships face to face this certainly presents an opportunity to “get-to-know” you time. Love that you are doing this and appreciate how real you are in your sharing. Phone calls, oh that’s right I need to make a few, sending a letter, need to do this also and of course there are other options. Staying it touch and building relationships, go for it!

  3. Yes, I agree totally. Sometimes this world looks scary but, for the most part, we do meet a lot of nice people.

  4. Congratulations on 11 years! I’m so glad you did start sharing your writing. It’s been fantastic following your adventures and journey into publication, even if I did miss a few years. I remember being so nervous participating in your adventures all those years ago, but I’m so glad I did because you’ve been absolutely lovely and I love seeing your books on my shelves. Can’t wait to read more from you!

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