Zap Dragon on Kindle!

I always have the intention to get things done in a timely manner. This worked great for me back in school. I was the weird kid who got her essays done the week they were assigned and then had to worry I’d lose the paper before I could turn it in.

In adult life, it doesn’t always roll as I imagine, but I still plan to get things done and they eventually do as long as they don’t fall off my mental iceberg. (My husband and I joke that our brains are icebergs and when we forget something, that poor pigeon fell off.) Anyway, this time I actually followed through on the timeline I hoped!

With HMII out in Beta readers’ hands this last month, the goal was to get Zap Dragon on Kindle. Golden Shells took me over nine months to get on Kindle, which I found kind of ridiculous, so this time, it’s only taken me a couple of months. Huzzah!

So Zap is on Kindle. You can find it here.

And now all the Beta feedback is back in my hands and I’m diving into editing again on HMII. Wish me luck. The timeline for this is hopefully 3-4 weeks.



8 thoughts on “Zap Dragon on Kindle!”

  1. Congrats, Jennifer! I finally read Zap Dragon last month (made it to three different endings), and I really enjoyed it! I still have yet to write a proper review for it, but I made sure to leave a 5-star rating right away! 😉

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