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How We Learn

There’s the age-old question in school, “When will I ever have to use this in real life?” (Like school isn’t part of real life too. But that’s a thought for another post.)

I think that question comes back to haunt us at times once we’re adults. Over the last couple of years, my husband and I have been learning to sail. You can see some of the fascinating things I’ve learned. (The Learning Curve, Tides, Tidal Rivers – Who Knew?!).

Most recently, we’ve started learning coastal navigation. The math I dreaded in school is coming back to haunt me. But I’m now fascinated by it as well. How in the world did previous generations figure out navigation without electronic aids?!

We’re talking dead reckoning, waypoints, currents, winds, speed, direction, weather… sooo many things can affect a vessel on the water that it’s amazing our ancestors weren’t constantly lost. And I haven’t even started on celestial navigation, but be sure I’m looking forward to it with nervous trepidation.

And it occurs to me that this is the writer’s life. We have to research lots of things. And to understand much of what we’re researching, we need the foundation from our school years. Sorry to my teachers. I wish I’d hung onto more of what you had taught me. Navigation now would be easier if I had!



P.S. I have now ticked past the 17% mark of editing out words of HMII and the themes are starting to shine. It’s an exciting moment for me! I’d hoped to already have it to beta readers but should have known GalaxyCon would delay me. I now hope to send it to readers within the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Maybe I’ll just hop on a cruise ship and leave the rest to y’all. Alway’s learning and it’s a good thing. Cheering you on with navigation skills and HMll, love what you are doing.

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