The Zap – Excerpt from the Upcoming Adventure Book Zap Dragon

Zap Dragon Front CoverWe’re just under a week and a half away from publication! I shared an excerpt last week, so if you missed it, you can find it here.

Zap Dragon has so many fun twists and turns! I again struggled to pick which one to share so I settled for the simplest thing and grabbed one of the first you come across in the book. Hope you enjoy!

Publication Date: July 25, 2023

Genre: Steampunk/Fantasy Adventure (Multi-ending)

Lead In: You’re a metal automaton dragon who was thrown out by the man who made you because of a defect in your design. And the world’s a dangerous place for a dragon who’s never been beyond the four walls of the Maker’s shop. This excerpt picks up as you’re standing off against three street boys who want to capture you so they can sell your parts.

The Zap – Excerpt from Zap Dragon

“It’s still a dumb machine,” the tall boy says. “Climb up that ladder and drop a sack over it.” He gestures to a wooden ladder farther down the wall.

Your heart sinks. If you’d ever flown before, you’d give it a try now, but living in the Maker’s discard heap never gave you the chance.

The boy’s feet are two rungs up when he drops back to the cobblestones.

“Got a report,” says a new voice from above, “of some boys disturbing the peace.” Uniformed men appear at either end of the alley and when you crane your neck upward, you spot a sandy haired man leaning on the top of the ladder. “Round ‘em up,” the Captain of the City Watch orders.

Your wings snick together as you deflate. The spine drops from your paw with a soft thunk. You’re about to move off, maybe slide back behind the dumpster where you can consider your next move, when a Watchman reaches for you.

“No. Wait—”

His hand closes over your shoulder. Your chest buzzes.


You’re shoved onto your hindquarters. The Watchman flies backward and slams into the far wall.

Of all the times for your defect to go full bore!


Oh dear, you’ve run across the city Watch. 🙂

That’s all for today. Pre-orders are available here.



P.S. The editing on HMII continues after I took a break last weekend for Knoxville Fanboy Expo. I’m at just over 10% of my 15% goal in cutting words!

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