The Sewers – Excerpt from the Upcoming Adventure Book Zap Dragon

Zap Dragon Front CoverIt’s difficult to pick excerpts! I used to think it was because these are multi-ending books but honestly, I just find it hard to pick short sections that still give you enough context for the story. Either way, though, Zap Dragon has 14 different endings, so no matter what excerpt I pick, it won’t totally give you a glimpse into the whole book. Oh well, I tried to pick a fun peek =) Hope you enjoy it.

Publication Date: July 25, 2023

Genre: Fantasy Adventure (Multi-ending)

Lead In: You’re a metal automaton dragon who was thrown out by the man who made you because of a defect in your design. And the world’s a dangerous place for a dragon who’s never been beyond the four walls of the Maker’s shop. This excerpt picks up just after you evade capture by the street boys who wanted to sell you for your parts.

The Sewers – Excerpt from Zap Dragon

You’re falling into cool darkness. You open your eyes but only a glimmer of light warns you before you splash into a pool of shallow water below.

Rounded shadows, the heads and shoulders of the boys, appear above. The grate rattles and then you hear, “Stop that! Do you want to draw the Beast’s attention?”

There’s a grumbled response but the shadows disappear.

Darkness, quiet, and a heavy, musty smell surround you. Your sooty marble eyes adjust to the dimness until you make out the dripping walls, a trickle of water along the uneven floor, and the moss growing over everything in a thick mat.

You lay there, listening to the drip, drip, drip of water and the occasional rattle of wheels from above. A search with your claws reveals scratches in your metal chest plate but nothing serious.

You roll over to check your wings, testing for damage. Rust flakes away as they open but the long, thin plates expand with a slicing sound like when the Maker sharpens a knife on his whetstone.

Partially extended, you pause, listening. Drip, drip, drip. You go back to checking your wings only to pause again.

Drip, drip, skitter, drip.

Out of the darkness, a small creature races toward you. He ducks under your wings and out the far side, never making contact. You glimpse bronze spotted with the mossy texture of oxidization. You’re fairly certain it’s a rat like those you’ve seen outside the Maker’s shop, except this one’s made of metal just like you.

“Run!” the rat shouts.


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