Zap Dragon Cover and Art

Yay, More Artwork!

When I receive the first proof copy of a book, it’s like Christmas morning! I feel like a little girl every time. Christmas morning is coming slowly this go around.

Tail Whip - Zap Dragon IllustrationThe Zap Dragon proof hasn’t arrived yet. Sometimes this happens with the printer, so I try to schedule more time for this phase of the process. It still stresses me out some, but it shouldn’t. Once the proof arrives, I’ll do one last copy edit. There’s just something about seeing things in the printed format that helps me catch the persnickety little errors. Honestly, though, I don’t expect Zap to have that many things to clean up.

So, unless I don’t see the proof by next week, pre-orders will open here on the website next week.

Sewer Gate - Zap Dragon Illustration

And to whet your appetites, I thought I’d share some more of Esther’s artwork. I love how well Esther’s style fits the Discarded Dragons/Zap Dragon world and am super excited to see the proof when it arrives!

Cards - Zap Dragon IllustrationAs a side note, Esther is also joining me for GalaxyCon Raleigh in July. If you’d like a print of her work, this is your opportunity!



P.S. Zap Dragon publishes on July 25th, so I will also have copies of the book at GalaxyCon if you’re looking for a signed copy. Or take a look at the pre-order when it opens next week. I do sign the pre-ordered copies =)

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  1. I bet it is so exciting to hold that first copy of your book in your hands!!!
    Love the artwork 😉

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