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It’s hard to post about my editor. Not because there’s nothing to say, but because editors are such an integral part of publishing and are spoken of so little in the finished product. Yet it’s hard to capture the value, the sense of comfort in a finished product because I know my editor’s looked at it and cares about the project, the sense of peace that comes from having a good editor.

I’ve heard horror stories of writers who are assigned an editor who cares nothing for their work. I’ve thankfully never had that experience. The editors I’ve worked with have all been amazing individuals. The closest I’ve come is an editor who wasn’t a reader of Fantasy. We both agreed at the end of the project that we weren’t a good fit and parted ways amicably.

All of that to say, I can’t thank Darren enough for his enthusiasm for each of the books he’s edited and his careful care in cleaning them up. We can ask questions back and forth. We can discuss options for getting just the right feel for a character’s speech or the right word for a particular scene. There’s so much to be said for having such a working relationship with one’s editor. In a way, it becomes more of a partnership than an editor/client relationship.

As you can probably guess, I could go on for a while. When I get going, I’m not good at keeping my writing concise! So I’ll stop there and simply say Thank You to Darren Thornberry for your wonderful work on Zap Dragon. 



Darren Thornberry

Zap Dragon Front CoverP.S. I should receive the proof for Zap Dragon any day now! As for Hidden Mythics II, I am making steady progress on editing =)

8 thoughts on “The Editor – Darren Thornberry”

    1. It’s really worth the effort to find a good editor if you ever decide to try self publishing! I’m not sure how much say you get with traditional publishing, but someone who shares your vision is priceless and definitely makes the process less stressful because you know he or she cares🙂

  1. Thank you Darren. Sooooo many parts to this process but your’s is really helpful for the finished product.

  2. Being at peace while all the details come together, and remembering those, that are such an important part of the process. Encouragement helps lift people up, way to go!

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