Zap Dragon Front Cover

Zap Dragon Cover Reveal!

I’m at that point in the publishing process on Zap Dragon.

The writing is done. The editing is done. The illustrations and formatting are finished. The cover’s ready. I’ve uploaded the book and ordered a proof copy…and now I wait.

So it’s a perfect time to reveal the cover for the book!

Most of you are familiar by now with the cover designer for my books. If you’re not, take a look at all my covers except for The Adventure. Justin Allen’s the genius behind them.

Anyway, usually, I wait until all of the editing is done before I send a cover template to Justin. I’ve mentioned before that a change in page count can change the cover dimensions. But, as I said in last week’s post, I knew my timeline on this book would be tighter than what I’ve done before, so I contacted Justin to see if he could start on the artwork before having a solid template. If I haven’t said it before, Justin’s awesome. He agreed, and got to work back in March. I finally sent him a finalized template at the beginning of June. (He’s so patient with me!)

Here’s the fantastic cover he designed for Zap Dragon. Once again, I’m blown away by the work Justin does.



Zap Dragon Full Cover

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  1. Ooh, I love it! It’s the sort of cover that will definitely get my kids’ attention. Love the dragon and the glowing eyes!

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